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It depends on your nationality and the best place to check for this is the official website-

For PLAB2, you need to apply for ‘Standard Visitor Visa’ and the reason to be chosen in the application is ‘‘Work, Academic visit or Business’’ as this category covers appearing for an exam.

The validity of this visa type is 6 months.
The fee for this visa is £100

Once you have booked the exam slot, you can start the visa application process. Do remember to factor in the time it takes to apply for a visa and receive a decision while booking- keeping the date too close can be risky.

There are two steps involved:
• Online application
• In person appointment for biometrics at visa centre

It can be accessed and completed via the following website

Do remember to have all the required documents and information at hand while you do so. Though even if you miss some, the application gets saved and can be filled up in stages. It is still strongly advisable to do it in one go.

The following documents and information are required for applying for the visa:

• Your passport
• Personal information
• An email confirmation of PLAB 2 booking
• Financial evidence- bank statement, salary statement(if applicable)
• Financial evidence of a sponsor if someone is supporting your visit
• Your travel details
• Your past travel history
• Your UK accommodation details
• No-objection certificate from employer, if employed

As a part of the online application, you are asked to choose a visa
application centre where you need to be present in person for document submission and biometrics. The passport gets submitted at the visa centre and you get it back once a decision on the visa has been made.

While it may vary from case to case, the usual standard time it takes to get a decision after online application and biometric appointment is 3 weeks.

A decision may take longer when additional information is required by the concerned authorities to process the application.

The current waiting periods are reflected in the official website and it is best to check there to get a fair idea and plan further.


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