About Pharmacists Training

The HIVE Pharmacists Training programme is dedicated to aiding pharmacists in their professional growth amid the ever-evolving medical landscape. In the rapidly changing realm of healthcare, the role of pharmacists has transcended traditional dispensing duties. Today, pharmacists are essential members of the healthcare team, actively engaging in patient care by assuming clinical responsibilities, including obtaining patient histories, conducting examinations, issuing medications, and offering vital guidance on various aspects of healthcare, such as contraceptives. Recognising the imperative for pharmacists to adapt to these evolving roles, Hive’s Pharmacists Training project is leading the way in providing tailored courses and comprehensive support. Our initiative not only caters to the educational needs of pharmacists but also empowers them to confidently navigate their expanded clinical responsibilities, making significant contributions to the dynamic and patient-centred healthcare environment.

Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

✔ Reputation

HMA is the only academy of its kind with a great reputation and positive
reviews from previous students who have successfully completed
our courses.

✔ Faculty

HMA has experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who can provide quality guidance and instruction. Our instructors are consultants, GPs and clinical pharmacists with decades of clinical and academic experience.

✔ Course Content

HMA is the only Academy which offers comprehensive and up-to-date specially
crafted courses drawing on our vast clinical and academic experience. Our
courses comprise ofinteractive teaching methods with a balance of
presentations, demonstrations, role play and individualised feedback.

✔ Support

HMA provides ongoing support, including access to mentors or tutors who
can clarify doubts and provide personalised guidance throughout
courses & afterward.

✔ Flexibility

HMA offers a one-stop solution for pharmacists, with market beating prices & the ability to build customised training courses as per your needs.


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