About NRE Project

 The National Registration Examination (NRE) 2023 is created according to Section 18 of
PM&DC ACT 2022. It aims to assess the competence of MBBS graduates for
independent practice. Successfully passing both the theory and clinical skills exams
in the NRE is necessary to obtain a full license as a General Practitioner.
The NRE consists of
1. A theory component
The theory component consists of MCQs targeting higher cognition to check a candidate’s
ability to apply knowledge. Only candidates qualifying in the theory (MCQs) component
of NRE will be eligible for the CSE.
2. Clinical Skills Examination (CSE)
The Clinical Skills Examination (CSE) is meant to assess essential clinical skills required
for practice by a general medical practitioner. The format of CSE is similar to that of an
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). CSE aims to assess the essential
clinical skills that would include interpretation of clinical data, including the diagnostic
data, formulation of diagnosis and development of management plans. CSE would also
include examination skills and key procedural skills.

Why Choose Us?

✔ Reputation

HMA is the only academy of its kind with a great reputation and positive reviews from
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HMA has experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who can provide quality guidance
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HMA provides ongoing support, including access to mentors or tutors who can clarify doubts and provide personalized guidance throughout your NRE journey &  afterwards

✔ Flexibility

HMA offers one stop solutions for NRE exam preparation, the best prices & customised packages as per your needs with the flexibility of payments in instalments.

Our NRE Team

Dr. Shaista Aslam
Dr. Shista Aslam
NRE Project Lead

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