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HIVE Aesthetics Project is a paradigm-shifting program launched with the sole purpose of providing in-demand, world-class skills and essential knowledge in non-clinical aesthetic procedures and techniques to aspiring aestheticians.

Our project is spearheaded by one of the most successful aesthetics trainers in the
United Kingdom. With a whopping 23 years of experience in the field and millions of satisfied clients, she brings not just expertise but an unparalleled ability to make aesthetic courses not only interesting and interactive but also highly fruitful.

HIVE Aesthetics Project stands out as the most comprehensive and inclusive initiative, suitable for everyone from novices in the field to seasoned experts. The services and skill sets taught align seamlessly with the latest trends in the global market. Our carefully tailored packages cater to the dreams of anyone aspiring to have a successful career in the non-clinical field.

What sets this project apart is our commitment to building professional careers for our students. Our mission goes beyond imparting aesthetic skills; we are dedicated to helping our students forge successful careers by guiding them in establishing their own aesthetic clinics.

HIVE Aesthetics Project is more than just education; it’s your pathway to a golden career. Join us and let your aspirations flourish.

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Why Choose Us ?

✔ Reputation

HMA is the only academy of its kind. The academy has an unrivalled reputation. and many positive reviews from previous students who have successfully grown in the field of aesthetics with HMA.

✔ Faculty

Hive Aesthetics has a highly experienced project lead with 23 years of experience in making significant changes in lives around the globe. She provides world-class training and in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques and courses. Our instructor is a certified aesthetics consultant.

✔ Course Content

HMA is the only academy which offers the most comprehensive and up-to- date learning resources in all available formats, designed to suit all learning styles.

✔ Support

HMA provides ongoing support throughout your learning journey, including access to mentors and tutors who provide personalized guidance throughout your journey and beyond.

✔ Flexibility

HMA provides a comprehensive solution, offering competitive prices and the flexibility to create customized aesthetic packages tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our Aesthetics Team

Ms Vinisha Ali
Aesthetics Project Lead
Ms Sanyah Malik
Aesthetics Project Lead

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